During the light evenings, from early April to September, both groups are based at Bramcote Leisure Centre which gives easy access to off-road runs. During the dark evenings period, from mid September to early April, the faster group continue from Bramcote LC but the slower group moves to Nottingham Tennis Centre, University Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2QH, UK, Aerial view, which gives easy access to the road. We offer training for everyone whether in a club or not. We have regular runners who are members of established affiliated clubs and others who are unattached to any club.
There are two groups, the faster group who run approx 5 miles at a about 7 minutes per mile pace The slower group is about 10 minutes a mile (as at re launching the blog Autumn 2017) with aspiration to increase to about 9 mins per mile or slightly faster.
There is now a Facebook page also.
New runners are very welcome to just turn up and run. Check with the blog or the Facebook page for any late changes to the blog postings which we like to keep to an absolute minimum. Alternatively you can use the contact form if you prefer to make prior contact or would like further information.
There are no charges for running with us.
Following British Athletics rules for road running the minimum age for joining either group is 17.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Daily Mirror Trophy--a reasonable request

Fri 1st Jun, 2012-from www.fellrunner.org.uk

The 3 Peaks Race was sponsored for 28 consecutive years by the Daily Mirror. We claim that this is the longest sponsorship deal in the history of British sport and nobody has seen fit to challenge us!

One of the items provided by the Daily Mirror as part of their sponsorship was a silver cup known as the Daily Mirror Trophy and awarded to the winning men’s team. The trophy went missing some years ago much to the disappointment of team winners over the past few years who have not held this perpetual trophy. We would, however, rather like our trophy back. We hate disappointing winners when they don't get presented with it and it is an integral part of our history.

I enclose herewith a list of winners over the past 10 years or so. I wonder if you could publish an appeal on the FRA website asking clubs to check their display cabinets, individual members to search through their cupboards and see if we can get our trophy restored to us. We will be quite happy for the trophy to be returned anonymously, we don't want to grind any axes, we just want our silverware back.

With kind regards

Yours sincerely
Douglas Croft
Life Vice President
Three Peaks Race Association

3 Peaks Race Open Team Results (Men) 2002-2011

2002 Clayton (G R Wilkinson, P Thompson, A N Orr)

2003 Clayton (D Walker, A Orr, M Podmore)

2004 Borrowdale (S Booth, M Roberts, J Davies, A Schofield, N Spence)

2005 Eden Runners (D Hurton, A Labram, R Gillespie)

2006 Pudsey& Bramley (J Heneghan, S Bottomley, C Oliphant)

2007 Dark Peak (John Hunt, Joe Blackett, Mick Stenton, Matthew Hulley)

2008 Pudsey&Bramley (If 5 to count then it appears that P&B were ahead of Bingley, with the same result whether or not vets were included. The P&B names were: Rob Hope, John Heneghan, Nicholas Leigh, Graham Pearce + either Gary Devine V40 or Ian Nixon. If 4 to score and vets were included then Bingley would have won)

2009 Bingley (Rob Jebb, Andrew Pearce, Jamie Robinson)

2010 Pudsey&Bramley (Nicholas Leigh, Richard Pattinson, Gary Devine, Brian Stevenson)

2011 Shettleston (Thomas Owens, Jethro Lennox, Matthew Sullivan, Casey Morgan)