Nottingham City Harriers was the name adopted by a group of runners at the end of 2003 who, upon resignation from a local athletics club, set up their own independent training sessions.

The numbers have dwindled over the years and traveling to training venues at rush hour has got ever more difficult with worsening traffic conditions. So it has been decided to end the informal group from 17th January 2018, the remaining individuals continuing in a private capacity.

Many thanks to the runners who have supported these sessions over the years but we hope to still see some of you from time to time in the future.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Training and Racing: Tuesday 13 October - Sunday 18 October 2009
Tuesday 13 October - 6:30pm
Tennis Centre for a 10 mile run on the Chilwell/Stapleford (hybrid) route.

Saturday 17 October - 9am
Wollaton Park easy 7.5 mile run for 1 hour, meet at St. Leonard's Avenue, Wollaton.

Sunday 18 October - 8:30am
Anyone interested in doing Papplewick "classic" 13.75M?

Race Results
Birmingham 1/2M - Sunday 11th October, 2009
14th - Matt Clapp - 1:15:05 (chip) - 1:15:06 (gun)

I can't tell which Richard is RV-H in the results as the organisers have seen fit to only list first names in the results!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently he ran ~1:35 - well done lad.

World 1/2M Champs

This is what a 66min 1/2M looks like.

They were going well quick!

Ritz was flying - finished 3rd in 60min flat, but Tadesse had just dropped these guys and was absolutely flying. 59 min pace looks absurdly fast.

Full elite results.

Langdale Horseshoe 2009 (English Championship Race)

Fantastic weather for the weekend and Great accommodation at the Old Dungeon Ghyll promised that this weekend would be a good one!

Choosing trail shoes for a slimy wet course was a mistake. The start from the hotel saw 400 runners jostling like sheep in a trailer for the first mile until the sharp climb to Pavey Arc. Elbows were everywhere on the ascent.

Soon after Pavey Arc runners could be seen dancing across the bog on the top of the hill. When I got there my first step ended with me in a hole up to my armpits - just a head sticking out. I was more embarrassed than concerned. No-one helped me out choosing to laugh instead.

Sliding around on greasy rock and wading through bogs for the next 7 miles brought me to Crinkle Crags and I followed all the crinkles on the ridge route. It was then, I saw emerging from the mist below me a snake of sleek runners zooming off into the distance ahead of me.

Another descent and ascent to Pike of Blisco and a greasy slide down the rocks in my sleek trail shoes until I finally hit a rock that did not give way and sliced a neat door into the top of my knee. Race-over! And within site of the finish. After many hours with the NHS I managed to scramble back to the Old Dungeon Ghyll for a lock-in and a game of Charades!

Geodff's Group Tuesday 13th October 6.30pm Nottingham Tennis Centre

The usual 9 ish miles fartlek. Probably all on road now.