During the light evenings, from early April to September, both groups are based at Bramcote Leisure Centre which gives easy access to off-road runs. During the dark evenings period, from mid September to early April, the faster group continue from Bramcote LC but the slower group moves to Nottingham Tennis Centre, University Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2QH, UK, Aerial view, which gives easy access to the road. We offer training for everyone whether in a club or not. We have regular runners who are members of established affiliated clubs and others who are unattached to any club.
There are two groups, the faster group who run approx 5 miles at a about 7 minutes per mile pace The slower group is about 10 minutes a mile (as at re launching the blog Autumn 2017) with aspiration to increase to about 9 mins per mile or slightly faster.
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Following British Athletics rules for road running the minimum age for joining either group is 17.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Snowdon Race over! Cracking weather in Snowdonia this weekend. 62:50 (no walking) to the summit and 38 minutes descent (no walking); not quite what it says in the results because on the descent I managed to help an Irish Runner that fell and hit her throat on a jug shaped rock; de Ja Vue for me! She's fine by the way. Snowdon Race is now a bit 'Chavy' with lots of drunken youths from the surronding area and a bit of a car-boot on the field, there was a heavy Police prescence with stab vests and CCTV vans. The international contingent were home grown, Wales, Scotland et. al., Probably one to miss from now on.

Managed the same run on Sunday: 70 mins to the top (no walking) and a 40 minute descent (no walking) after scavenging drinks from the fantastic summit cafe. If you go you HAVE to go to Steff's www.snowdoncafe.com.

Records (to put it in context)
MENS RACE 1:02:29 K STUART (1985)
VETERAN RECORD V40 Gianna Vello 1:05:33 (1995)
DESCENT RECORD (Summit to Llanberis) Lucio Fregona 21:05 (1996)
FIRST WELSH WINNER Colin Jones 1:05:14 (1998)
BEST LLANBERIS RUNNER Alun Vaughan 1:06:12 (2004)

Two runners have completed all races since 1976:
Malcolm Jones (Tremadog)
Phil Jones (Conwy)

See you around 13 August.

Also, the Commenwealth Fell Championships are at Llanberis http://www.cmudc2011.org/

Geoffs Group Tuesday 26th July 6.15pm Bramcote Leisure Centre

I'm back this week. 9 - 10 miles to Canals / Cossall direction to be decided on the night.