Nottingham City Harriers was the name adopted by a group of runners at the end of 2003 who, upon resignation from a local athletics club, set up their own independent training sessions.

The numbers have dwindled over the years and traveling to training venues at rush hour has got ever more difficult with worsening traffic conditions. So it has been decided to end the informal group from 17th January 2018, the remaining individuals continuing in a private capacity.

Many thanks to the runners who have supported these sessions over the years but we hope to still see some of you from time to time in the future.

Sunday, 23 January 2005

Geoff's Group Tues 25th / Wed 26th Jan

Not this week guys due to my foot injury . It is is possible that Tracey may lead the group; if so I will update the blog later.

Wed Circuits as usual. I should be there as fitness sessions indoors have not caused any problems. This class is catching on; 15 there last Wed.

Noel St. Leisure Centre Wed 7pm - 8pm.