During the light evenings, from early April to early September, we are based at Bramcote Leisure Centre which gives easy access to off-road runs. During the dark evenings period, from mid September to early April, we are based at Nottingham Tennis Centre, University Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2QH, UK, Aerial view, which gives easy access to the road. We offer training for everyone whether in a club or not. We have regular runners who are members of established affiliated clubs and others who are unattached to any club.
There are two groups, the Fast group, who do, for example, 10 miles at a strong pace which is for those whose times are below 37 - 38 mins for 10k, 62mins for 10 miles 85 mins for a half-marathon or run on the fells. The Intermediate group is for slower paced runners, down to very roughly 50 mins 10K, 70 mins for 10miles, 105 mins half-marathon and who would like to improve. These are often steady sessions up to 9 miles, but vary both longer and shorter to suit the group. Both groups do fartlek sessions occasionally again when it suits the groups.
There is now a Facebook page also.
New runners are very welcome to just turn up and run. Check with the blog or the Facebook page for any late changes to the blog postings which we like to keep to an absolute minimum. Alternatively you can use the contact form if you prefer to make prior contact or would like further information.
There are no charges for running with us.
Following British Athletics rules for road running the minimum age for joining either group is 17.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Training and Racing: Tuesday 06 May - Sunday 11 May 2008
Tuesday 06 May - 6:30pm
A 9.1 mile run from Bracmote out onto the Erewash Canal over Toton sidings and back via Moor Bridge. Not sure what Andy is planning but I'm doing 15-20 min tempo/threshold if anyone is interested.

Hottest Day of the Year: 22C :)

Thursday 08 May - 5:30pm
11.5M Medium-long run. Starting steady, finishing a bit quicker. I'll be running from the Tennis Centre - if you're interested, send me a text. Start time is flexible.

Saturday 10 May - 9am
Wollaton Park easy 7.5 mile run for 1 hour, meet at St. Leonard's Avenue, Wollaton. Planning to do a few 150m strides with full recovery at the end of the run.

Sunday 11 May - 9am
Not sure what people are planning. I'll be running early (~6:30am) before heading off for a weeks holiday ;-)

Upcoming Races
Long Bennington 10k - 10:30am Sunday 18th May
Sleaford 10k - 11am Sunday 18th May