Nottingham City Harriers was the name adopted by a group of runners at the end of 2003 who, upon resignation from a local athletics club, set up their own independent training sessions.

The numbers have dwindled over the years and traveling to training venues at rush hour has got ever more difficult with worsening traffic conditions. So it has been decided to end the informal group from 17th January 2018, the remaining individuals continuing in a private capacity.

Many thanks to the runners who have supported these sessions over the years but we hope to still see some of you from time to time in the future.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Andy Heading reached Scroggie Creek

From the race report: Tonight temperatures will drop down to a YAU record low of - 48 degrees Celsius. Andy is still at Scroggie. Klaus and Pearse are 30 miles out. Tom and Joachim are 32 miles away from this checkpoint.

Andy Heading is currently in Scroggie Creek and will stay there for another 24 hours. He would have liked to continue but was held by our checkpoint team for safety reasons.

The last two nights temperatures went down to - 40 degrees. Now we are expecting - 45 degrees. This means our safety procedures come into effect. The main issue at the moment are our snowmachines. Both Scroggie Creek and our team at Pelly Farms are experiencing difficulties with the machines. Two of Bearcats we are getting exchanged today.

Andy reached Scroggie with frostbite and with temperatures decreasing even further and snow machines not starting the crew at Scroggie recommended Andy to stay and recover really well. They may also make him travel with other athletes as these come in. This will not affect the rankings as Andy will receive time credit for the unplanned stay.

I bet this is frustrating for Andy. No doubt he can move faster alone and is well used to these temperatures and this distance. Over the previous legs he has moved fast than the next three (his new partners) and rested up for the last big push. If this is a mans race they need to push these guys out the door and let them get on with it!