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No more training sessions

It was decided by the regular members of the training group at a meeting last night, the group will not be running any more under the NCH heading, merely as runners in a private capacity. The regular numbers have dwindled and the worsening congestion on Nottingham roads are among the reasons for this decision. So after just over 14 years the advertised Tuesday sessions have now ended.
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Training this Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018

The 7 minute milers will be doing their 5 miles course from Bramcote L C from approx 6.15pm - meet from aboiut 6pm in the foyer. As promised in my last blog in November I will attempt to drive to the Tennis Centre in a reasonable time aiming for a 6pm start (traffic may force a delayed arrival). Approx 7 miles at about 9.30 -10 mins per mile pace.

Training Tuesdays

Last night due to heavy traffic congestion I was late arriving at the Tennis Centre so apologies to anyone who gave up waiting. Also due to injury of key members the Bramcote run was cancelled at short notice so again apologies to anyone put out by the no shows. Going forward I am suspending the Tennis Centre sessions until January when hopefully the traffic may have eased slightly. The Bramcote group is also suspended until there is a compliment of regulars again. It will be announced on this blog.

Training Tuesday 31st October 2017 Bramcote LC and Nottingham Tennis Centre

After a very long absence regular posting of sessions is recommencing with tomorrow night's sessions. 2 locations are running simultanteously due to logistics caused by ever increasing rush hour traffic. Bramcote LC from 6.10-6.15pm.  A 5 miles (approx) course at about 7 mins per mile. Nottingham Tennis Centre from 6pm: 10 mins per mile pace for about 6 - 7 miles . Meet at each venue about 10 mins before the start times. Initially the groups will be very small until new recruits or old friends rejoin us. We meet up in a up in a pub afterwards for a meal and a chin wag (as we have done for years).